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27th October 2010

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again - my favourite part of Dribbble is when someone uploads a shot (a 400px wide by 300px tall image) and a huge amount of rebounds follow up. What are rebounds you say? This is what the lads from Dribbble define a rebound as:

"A rebound is a shot uploaded in reply to another shot. Rebounds offer a way to follow up and “link” two shots together. For example, a sketch can be rebounded with a finished design, or alternate concepts of a design can be rebounded so there’s a reference trail for other players to follow.

Rebounds can also be purely for fun. For example, any player can create games or memes allowing other Dribbble players to riff off an initial shot to get their takes on the same idea.”

Recently, Geof Crowl uploaded a shot of Ohio (see below) and asked users to ‘rebound’ what state they live. The response was massive, with over 250 shots being rebounded and still counting. It currently holds the record as the most rebounded shot on Dribbble.

You can check out all 250+ the rebounds here, but here are my personal favourites:

Utah, by Geof Crowl (The original shot)


West Texas, by Scott Hill

New South Wales, Australia by Jesse Dodds

Airports, by Dan Rubin

Pittsburgh, by Matthew Braun

Belfast, by Brian Benitez

New York, by Anna Hiort

California, by Conway Anderson

Home of the O.G., by Morgan Allan Knutson

Amsterdam, by Tim Boelaars

Last but not least, this is the one I did for my home state - Victoria. Since I live in Melbourne I thought it would be cool to play off the whole “Batmania" history that’s attached to the city!

I think the reason why Geof Crowl’s shot has spawned so many amazing rebounds is because the question ‘where do you live’ can be represented in so many different ways. There really is no right or wrong method and the activity of expressing the place you live in is very fun indeed!

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