William Rainbird

Australian based in London. Founder of Giraffic Themes. Addicted to travelling.

Rainbird Travels ]

I’ve decided to launch a separate blog to post up photos from my travels. I’ll be putting up a few photos from my trips for the last two years, but will mainly looking forward to posting photos from my upcoming trips to South West England, Chicago, Iceland and Germany later this year.

Before I visited America for the first time this year in June, I picked up this beast of a camera which has really springboarded my “I’m a point and shoot photographer” to having more interest in the hobby.

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Flickr & Instagram pages

15th July 2013

Some updates across Reverb, Cookbook, Amplify, Travelogue & Pop Cultured themes this weekend.

I’ve made it easier to create gallery pages using either Instagram or Flickr. If you have an Instagram page using the old way, it will probably still work but I would advise you to switch to this method.

To create a Flickr gallery page see this guide:


To create an Instagram gallery page see this guide:


As always, if you bump into any issues shoot an email to support@girafficthemes.com

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Tweets and things

22nd June 2013

Showing latest tweet with Amplify, Pop Cultured, Cookbook and Travelogue theme has been updated. You may notice that during this update if you are already showing your latest tweet, this may have stopped working.

But no worry, here’s how to get those tweets back up again:

For Amplify and Cookbook:

Create an embedded timeline at https://twitter.com/settings/widgets and then paste your code into the “Twitter Widget Code” textfield.

For Travelogue and Pop Cultured:

1. In your blog settings (the cog icon on the top right of the Tumblr dashboard). 

2. Choose from the left hand side which blog you want to show your latest tweets on.

3. Authorize your blog with Twitter.

After you do that your tweets should show up again. If you still find any difficulty with this, shoot an email to support@girafficthemes.com :)

Reverb Premium Tumblr Theme ]

Over the weekend I launched a new theme for Giraffic: Reverb.

Reverb is the younger brother of Amplify, another Tumblr theme built with features for bands and musicians. It includes a full screen header background, responsive layout and integrates with all your favourite websites such as Soundcloud, Songkick, Instagram, Big Cartel and much more.

Check out the demo or grab it from the Theme Garden.

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